Obsessed is not the word. The trio have a massive 80s influence, its obvious. “Falling” is my favourite single of theirs so far its so addictive, feel good and “amazeballs” as fellow blogger Perez Hilton would say. Perez STOP trying to make amazeballs happen, its NOT going to happen (a Regina George statement from me there, think I’m turning into a Mean Girls obsessive after buying a “you go Glen Coco” tee from online)

Anywayyyyy, ah yes, Haim.

If you don’t know who they are, they are 3 sisters from Los Angeles with very, very long hair.They look like triplets its quite weird. They are quite intense in the video, a tiny bit scary and and little bit creepy. But, anyway, even if they do remind me a bit of the twins from the film The Shining rolling down the corridor on tricycles I don’t care. Falling is a tune!

If your from Staffs Uni you’ve probably seen me in The Underground prancing around like a mad woman to it on the dance floor but it can’t be helped. My fellow bloggers on Idylltalks will agree that Haim are a breath of fresh air, well apart from 80s pop stars, but instead of 80s POP you would now call it “indie” or “hipster”. Sorry to the people who disagree with me but thats my opinion.

Theres no doubt that they’re not talented or to an extent original, there is no other group that sound like them in the charts and I’m really happy that they have made it into the top 40! They are currently number 37, but I think this is definitely a break through, it’s very rare that indie bands make it into the charts and I hope they get into the top 20 soon.

I’m going to love you and leave you with Falling, give it a listen :)

Cheers me dears!

-Kimberleyrose Osbiston

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