Festival Blues

With the end of the summer comes the end of the big music festivals, and with the end of the festivals comes the end of the performances being shown on the TV. So rather than get sad about it and countdown the days till next summer, and because I cant sit and mope in my wellies and sunglasses all day, I thought I’d keep the festival blues away and enlighten you on my top five things I love and hate about festivals.

Rather than ending on a bad note, we’ll start with the five worst things about a festival.

1. Toilets
This is an obvious one. I was at V Festival last weekend, and luckily the toilets nearest to our camp weren’t that bad. Yes they smelt bad, and no they never had any loo roll or hand sanitizer in them, but all I require from a port-a-loo is that the toilet seat and the floor is clear of any human waste. This was not the case for a lot of the toilets in and just outside the area on the Saturday and Sunday night. And the queues were ridiculous, since being back, it’s the one luxury I have been most grateful for. I feel like I should stand by my bathroom for at least 10 minutes before I use it.

2. Cost
Festivals cost a lot of money, tents costs a lot of money, food and alcohol in the arena cost a lot of money. The best thing to do, is not even think about it till the weekend is over.

3. Noise
Now I love a good party and not rocking up to bed till 4am in the morning, and the fact I was in a tent didn’t stop me, or the surrounding campers from doing exactly this. But when that is the case, 5.57am is not an appropriate time to then be awake again hearing the very near speakers, blaring out “Drop like an earthquake”

4. Cold nights
So you’ve been out in your shorts and sunglasses all day, rammed in the middle of a crowd, sweating from the heat. The last thing you expect is to get back to your tent and feel like you’ve walked into a freezer, but that seemed to be the case, and even the infamous alcohol jacket could not warm you up. So you mummify yourself in the warmest clothes you brought with you, and don’t move till morning. You are woken (not to DJ Fresh) but to the sun shinning through the tent, and you then get the realisation of panic because you are wearing two jumpers, two blankets and your sleeping bag and feel like you’re melting from the sudden heat that wasn’t around a few hours ago.

5. Smell
It’s a hard smell to describe, and it’s not something you notice while you’re there on yourself or other campers. To you, you smell fine, you’ve done the baby wipe wash, brushed your teeth and used a can of dry shampoo. It’s not until you’re home, and you step out the shower and walk past the bag you took with you that it hits you. It’s not a general BO smell, or even a distinct smell of anything, it’s just a festival smell. For me, the smell was revealed, (not that I realised at the time) during Calvin Harris’s set. We were stood in front of day goers, who were obviously freshly clean, and although the crowd was very packed in, I found myself having that bit of extra room around me.

Despite these five points, I absolutely love the festival experience, mainly for these five reasons.

1. Atmosphere
I love the atmosphere at a festival, it is completely different to that of a usual gig. I am usually right at the front, bang in the middle of action enjoying the gig from a neck cranking view, but at V Fest, I could enjoy the performances from the back, the middle, sitting at the edge and near the front. The atmosphere back at the camp is great too. Usually after a gig, the buzz slowly dies, you try tell your mum or your cat about it, but they don’t care so you attempt to explaining it over social media but isn’t the same. Back at the tent, everyones buzzing from the performances, and even before the music weekend starts you form a bond over damp tents from the rain, broken camping chairs and sausages on the BBQ.

2. The Acts
Obviously the reason you buy the tickets is for the line up. But what I love about it, is you get to see acts you wouldn’t usually get a chance to see. For example, I was seeing Beyonce this time last week. Someone who although I’d love to see the chances of me ever getting tickets to her tour are slim. I also saw 5ive, who I have to admit were one of my highlights because they got the crowd going.

3. Crowd Control
This is my favourite part of any music performance, but at a festival its on a bigger scale. I love how an artist has so much power and control over the audience that when they say “clap” “jump” etc, the crowd do exactly as they say. Opposite to that, I love it when a crowd takes over, and sings the lyrics back so loud and clear, the artist is forced to take a step back. One of my favourite moments from V was during Rudimental’s well known track Waiting All Night. As well as singing, the crowd over powered the trumpet players solo. Although usually when a big crowd of tone deaf people sing, they sound good all in unison but that was not the case when Beyonce started Whitney Houston’s I Will Always Love You.

4. Drinking
Without sounding like an alcoholic, I like the freedom you had. It is widely accepted to wake up at 9am (if you’e lucky to block out the noise till then) and crack open a Strongbow while you eat your over priced bacon butty from the van on the corner.

5. Futures/Unsigned Artists
The futures tent at V festival was my favourite tent out of the four. It was small and intimate and the artists that played were genuinely excited to see a crowd never mind a full tent. This year I saw Ed Drewett and Sam Smith and I can honestly say, they were two of my favourite acts of the weekend. The atmosphere in the tent was unreal and after hearing their sets I can’t wait for more music from both of them.

These are my most and least favourite from festivals, comment with yours.

- Kirstie Newman


I agree with that, yeah, we are living in a lost generation, where the only things that keep us entertained are other people’s life, Jezza Kyle, Big Bro and the shite factor. So the boys have got it spot on, I feel what they are saying, I’m LIVING, BREATHING what they are saying.

Although, we all love a but of Mr Jeremy Kyle don’t we, on a Sunday morning when we’re all hung over from a GREAT night in Blue Note muahahahahaa. If you’re not from Derby you won’t know what I’m on about. But yes, the boys are back in town, the single is called Lost Generation and here’s the link :)



I’m lovin’ it lovin’ it, loving it, I’m loving it like thatttttttttttttt.

It sounds very similar to “Down with the trumpets,” which was the kicks 2nd single all the way back on the 10th june 2011. We all love the boys, especially “mamma do the hump” which is still played in my Uni club, LRV MASSIVEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

But yeah, two years later and here we are. Would love to know what you guys think of their new single on the comment box below. Give it a listen and I’m sure it’ll be our new 2o13 summer anthem this year.

Peace Out!

-Kim Osbiston

The original babes back together


Listen to this little gem.

The original Sugababes are back together and they are coming for ya’ll. Seriously, I was never a big fan, but th of the re-arranged Sugababes but the original members are back and sounding amazing, I’m so glad they’re not bringing out poppy shit like “red dress” or “about you now”. Sorry if you love those songs but I prefer them in the early 00’s when they were more soulful.

I’m addicted to their cover/original of Swimming Pools by the one and only Kendrick Lamar (love him).

They seem to have found themselves again and as it’s the original line up its even better. And as Drake would say no new friendssssssssss. They’re back and I’m loving them.

So yeah, have a gander on soundcloud and listen to their stuff.

Let me know what you think guys.

-Kim Osbiston

Niall Fitz

Well, I went to see this handsome young fellow at The Vic in Derby for the Macmillan Festival semi-finals. And I have to say I was pretty impressed.

He has such a rich, beautiful tone to his voice and I stayed and watched his whole set, which is rare for me because I usually get bored and go neck a Strongbow (or four).

But I fell in love with him straight away. Niall is very good with his hands (not in that way you dirty buggers) but yes, he has good skills with his guitar, with many acoustic players their voice is sometimes better than their playing but Niall has it all.

He played covers as well as originals it was nice to hear people playing original songs and actually liking them, most people I’ve heard in Derby are shit, I recognised a few from his YouTube channel which you should all take a look at, I’ve put the link below. I enjoyed Niall’s set and it looks like everyone else did as well as he got through to the finals as well as Harriet. They will be singing again at the finals of Macmillan Fest on the 7th September. I’ll have to make sure I go to that.

If you want to hear some of this lovely lads singing then here is his Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/niallfitzmusic. TAKE A LOOK.

He also has a YouTube channel  :) Here is his new music video, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s-XhuNwYUqI. The song is called “Been Here Before”. It’s a cute little love song, all us girls wish we had a lad to sing us something like this, so Niall you’re welcome to come sing to me or any girl in fact, your voice is amazing, I know you will get signed in the next couple of years, so remember me, I’m Kim the one that wrote a smashing review about you. Don’t forget us little people when you’re hanging out with One Direction ;)

I’m going to another one of Niall’s gigs tonight, hope he is as good as I remember.

Peace out mo fo’s!

-Kim Osbiston

Pop to Rock

At 19 I am not ashamed to admit I am still a massive boy-band fan, they are my major guilty pleasure and over the weekend I got to see three in one day at Chester Rocks.

Firstly was The Vamps, a new young four piece who have recently supported Mcfly on their tour. The band started in 2011 with just two members, James and Brad and they found Tristan and Connor through youtube and friends and formed the band.   They did a small set, playing two covers, Teenage Kicks and Little Things, as well as a few originals, and although most of the crowd didn’t know their own material, the young boys got the crowd involved.

Secondly was Union J, and although they are as “boybandy” as boy bands can get, I am not a big fan. They didn’t work the crowd, and had pre planned stage moves, and although they were the main supporting act, their set wasn’t very long.

Lastly was The Wanted and I’m not embarrassed to say that they are one of my favourite acts to see live because they know how to engage the crowd.  The youngest member Nathan, has been away from the band for a while due to throat surgery so Chester Rocks was one of the first gigs where they have performed as the five of them. The did their usual set, playing the hit singles from both their albums as well as picking girls to join them on stage for Heart Vacancy, then ending with their newest track, Walks Like Rihanna before performing their biggest single Glad You Came.

Last year during their arena tour they performed a Coldplay medley which when down well with the crowds. During the coldplay medley, they all joined their backing band, Nathan on piano, Jay on drums and Tom Max and Siva on guitar. This year, they changed the medley to a The Killers one, but still joined their band performing with instruments. Before performing it, Jay introduced it and was clearly disappointed at the fact the majority of the crowd didn’t know or appreciate who they were, making a joke about the mic not being on because of the non existent screams when he mentioned them.

During the medley, as you can hear in the video, barely anyone was singing along and where you’d expect a rise in the level of screams when Mr Brightside came on, there was nothing. Despite not getting the reaction they probably hoped for, they enjoyed their set and Jay commented on how fun it was to pretend they weren’t pop for a few minutes.

Their medleys are my favourite part of their sets, because for five minutes, they are more like a real band, rather than a cheesy pop boyband.

Here is their The Killers Medley from Chester Rocks: 15th June 2013

- Kirstie Newman

We are only defeated when we surrender

Ed Drewett is most commonly known for working and writing with other artists, featuring on the Pro Green single “I Need You Tonight” writing three hit singles, including Glad You Came, for worldwide famous boyband, The Wanted, and most recently is co writer of Olly Murs’ newest release, Dear Darlin.

After being dropped from two different record labels, and releasing only one single ‘Champagne Lemonade‘ Ed is now releasing music on his independent self-funded indie label BAER Music.

Undefeated is very different to the pop he writes with other artists, but similar to his own previous release ‘Drunk Dial.’ The single has been described as “anthemic modern pop at its best.”

Ed has been trying to trend #UNDEFEATEDHASLANDED in the hour run up to the video release at 5pm. You can watch the video here.

‘Undefeated’ will be released July 15th and has been taken from his debut album which will hopefully be released in time for the festivals you can catch Ed at this year.


June 2 – The Embankment, Peterborough (Supporting Olly Murs)

July 12 – Wireless Festival, Olympic Park

August 17/18 – V Festival

August 31 – Fusion Festival (Capital FM), Birmingham.

September 1 – Sundown Festival, Norwich.

- Kirstie Newman

Iggy Azalea

As many a man would say, “DAT ASSSSSSSSSSS!”

How has she got buttocks that big? I don’t understand, she is SOOOO thin too!

Anyway, back to the music. I’m obsessed! So is Olivia, we can’t get enough of Iggy! “I’ve been up all night, tryin’ to get that richhhhhhhhhh,” I love her, but I’m sorry, you are a WHITE, BLONDE girl! You should not be skanking around a truck like you is from da ghetto blud! Even though we have that in common :/ I do love to twerk….

I wish her all the best with her career, as she said herself, she had no money, no family, she was 16, in the middle of miami PEOPLE!!! Poor little Iggy, I’m guessing what she had to do to get that rich HARHARHARHAR!

Soooooooooo, listen to “Work”, if you havent already, its a TUNEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!


-Kimberleyrose Osbiston